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Description: Pipes and the captain's bathtub are shown in this photo of what remains of the captain's cabin on the Titanic, more than two miles underwater in the north Atlantic. The picture was taken in July 2003.
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2007/5/26 3:12   Hits: 122072   Comments: 0  

Category Titanic

no title

no titlePopular
Description: Dozens of au gratin dishes are exhibited as they were found during one of RMS Titanic Inc.'s expeditions to the Titanic debris field at 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition' at the Metreon in San Francisco, June 13, 2006. The dishes were still crated aboard Titanic, but once on the ocean floor, the wooden crate was eaten away by micro-organisms, leaving the dishes in near-perfect condition and well-organized rows.
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2007/5/16 1:34   Hits: 82033   Comments: 0  

Category Titanic

Artwork framed,signed by autor, "The last twilight"

Artwork framed,signed by autor, "The last twilight"Popular
TV presentation of this uniqve artwork held on
April 15. 2007. at 16,05 PM. National Serbian
RTS channel /one/, in live talk show.
Artwork is made as remembrance on crew and
all passangers of TITANIC, as mark 95 th
anniversary of sinking.
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2007/5/3 22:20   Hits: 80576   Comments: 0  

Category Titanic

The last twilight

The last twilightPopular
The artwork "Last twilight" had first public
presentation on National Serbian TV RTS
channel / 1/ in live talk show on April
15. 2007. 16,08 PM. The artwork is
made as remembrance on TITANIC
distres. The talk show is recorded and
presentation is avaible on DVD for
interested people.
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2007/5/3 18:46   Hits: 91358   Comments: 22  

Category Titanic

Titanic leaving Southampton

Titanic leaving SouthamptonPopular
Submitter :Kathi - More Photos from Kathi
Last Update: 2007/4/21 10:48   Hits: 102202   Comments: 2  

Category Titanic

My titanic model 2001 scale 1:200 metric

My titanic model 2001 scale 1:200 metricPopular
Description: i started this in 6/2001 finshed it 11/2001 509hrs in the makeing
Submitter :kurt1943 - More Photos from kurt1943
Last Update: 2007/4/18 1:08   Hits: 68845   Comments: 0  

Category Models

Caiaiphasis Ossuary

Caiaiphasis OssuaryPopular
Description: Note Ornate Carvings of the RichQuote:
Ornate Caiaiphas Ossuary
Submitter :Dr Robert B Turcotte - More Photos from Dr Robert B Turcotte
Last Update: 2007/4/9 13:28   Hits: 20164   Comments: 0  

Category Exploration

Alfred Rowe illustration

Alfred Rowe illustrationPopular
Description: Alfred Rowe was a First Class Passenger on Titanic, a very successful business man of the era, he used the Transatlantic liners to visit his business in Texas. He founded the RO ranch in 1878/79 and by the time it was sold by his family in 1917 for $595,113 it measured around 72000 acres, a tribute in itself to the acumen and drive shown by Mr Rowe in its creation.

The Rowe family were overseas pioneers for several generations which started with Alfred’s father James who was born in Jamaica in 1817 and was a partner in the Graham, Rowe and Company, a shipping line based in Liverpool.

Alfred worked for the family business for two years before studying at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester. After graduating he heard rumours that there were opportunities in America and decided to try his hand in this new promised land, he set sail with a budget of £500. By early 1879 he had settled at Glenwood Creek in the Texas Panhandle. A little over ten years later and the RO ranch had grown to around 200,000 acres. In 1901 Alfred married his wife Constance and in 1902 a daughter named Constance was born, followed by Charles Alfred in 1904 and Henry in 1905. The town of Rowe was named after Alfred and was a thriving community until 1907 when it moved to a site now known as Hedley.

Alfred Rowe moved back to Liverpool after the birth of his daughter Ethel Margaret in 1910 but he returned to the ranch at least twice a year. The reason he had bought a ticket on Titanic was for one his trips to the ranch. Although a strong swimmer he did not survive the icy waters of the North Atlantic after the Titanic foundered. The Rowe archive due to its depth of material is a highly significant one, offering a fascinating snap shot into the life of a prominent businessman on the era and the effects of the loss of Mr Rowe on his wife Constance who was four months pregnant at the time.

On auction at Haldridge & Son in UK Devizes, Wiltshire 21 April 2007
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2007/4/6 17:45   Hits: 53316   Comments: 0  

Category Artifacts

Alfred Lowe letters

Alfred Lowe lettersPopular
Description: He wrote two letters from the Titanic, the first to his wife is especially interesting as he describes Titanic as too big and being a positive danger to other shipping, which can be seen in the following transcript from a letter written by Alfred onboard Titanic, this is estimated at £15000-£20000.

On auction 21 April 2007 in UK at Haldridge & Son
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2007/4/6 17:43   Hits: 53583   Comments: 0  

Category Artifacts

Titanic ultimate

Titanic ultimatePopular
Description: I realized a slide show photos on Titanic on 2006

I also took recent photos of some week also

If you want to see the video and here
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2007/3/11 18:24   Hits: 68582   Comments: 0  

Category Models

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